233$ / WEEK

Infants & Toddlers

1 to 3 Ratio

Loving Enriching Environment

Consistency of Staff

Helping Children Reach

Developmental Milestones

199$ / WEEK

Two Year Olds

Consistency of Staff

Preschool Curriculum Begins

Monthly Themes

Colors, Letters,

Numbers, and Shapes

187$ / WEEK

Three's - Pre-K

Consistency of Staff

Preschool Curriculum

Monthly Themes

Writing Skills and

Kindergarten Readiness

165$ / WEEK

Summer Camp

Weekly fieldtrips

Swim Lessons

Weekly Camp Themes

Vacation Bible


Q: Is there an enrollment fee?  

Yes, the annual enrollment fee is $50 per child. Families with more than one child enrolled will receive 10% off the oldest child's tuition. Each family will receive a week of vacation each year as well.


Q: What we do and why we do it?  

Tiny Treasures offers the next best thing to being home. We provide a safe, loving, nurturing and enriching environment for children. We work closely with each family to help them become part of "our family”.

Programming is the key difference between a professional child care service and a babysitting service. Babysitting is primarily concerned with keeping the child safe, clean and fed. In the past many children’s services were babysitting services and the education of the child was left to the kindergartens and schools. This has changed.

Today childcare services are expected to offer a stimulating educational program for children, as well as providing the children with their nutritional, hygiene and safety needs. This applies to all different types of child care services. For children to be offered a stimulating and satisfying time in care it must be planned for, it doesn’t happen on its own.


Q: What will my child learn?  

Each class will be taught developmentally appropriate lessons combined with developmentally appropriate Christian teachings.


Q: What does a typical day look like?  

Each day will start with a healthy breakfast, then large motor activities, music and movement time and curriculum time. Each class will have home made lunches and a rest time. Afternoons will be center play and another large motor activity time.

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